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The St. Clair Scramble obstacles aren't the only thing with a twist in 2014. After two awesome events in 2013 we decided to give YOU the option of running by day or running by night! Think you're top dog? Run in our elite heat to bring home all the bacon OR see if you have what it takes to run a daytime AND a night time heat!

Think you have what it takes to overcome 20+ physical obstacles and 3.2 miles of rough, St. Clair County terrain? If you came out for the first St. Clair Scramble or the epic St. Clair Scramble BLACKOUT, you may think you've seen it all... But THINK AGAIN! This St. Clair Scramble is bringing you the best of both worlds with DAYTIME heats and NIGHT TIME heats! We've got a NEW course, NEW obstacles and its a whole new ballgame!

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APRIL 19, 2014!